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How to Release Stress in Your Body

Because our body's experience of pain is actually the body's way of expressing "hey, I'm stressed. I need help to release that tension."

I'll guide you into how to exactly do that in this video!

"Lindsey is a delight to work with! She did an amazing job of helping me better understand myself and how my brain works. It’s been really amazing seeing how much better I am at handling my emotions and conflict after working with her. And the best part is I have been able to use what she has taught me to help my friends when they are having a hard time!! I can’t speak highly enough of her!"       - Ashlyn

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

A woman, wife and mom. I specialize in helping women boost their confidence and get their desired life back by empowering them with tools and knowledge of their basic needs and ways to meet them.

Feeling anxious or stressed is reality that many of us face. Sometimes more of a frequent reality than we would like. I know I tend to carry my stress in my shoulders and jaw and it can be so uncomfortable at times. Can you relate to this at all? 

Finding success in releasing the stress in my body has not only helped me get back to my calm state of mind, it has also helped the women with whom I have worked be able to relax as well! 

Without it, you may find yourself stuck feeling tense, on the attack, and in survival mode. 

With it, you will able to relax your body, get yourself out of survival mode and continue living your day being the version of yourself you want to be!

- Lindsey 

What actual clients have to say about
working with Lindsey:


"I have methods to deal with my symptoms and I am able to control my emotions in a more positive way than self-harm or lashing out at my loved ones."  


"I went from 5% high intense conflict with my boyfriend to 1%! That 5% made me doubt if I wanted to stay in my relationship. Now I know I want to move towards deeper commitment with my boyfriend. When we face conflict now, I am confident that I know how to handle my fears and emotions so I’m not reactive."


“I’m learning that I don’t need to be everyone’s caregiver. I can step away from situations and ask people if they need help. If they do, then they will ask. If they don’t, then I’m okay to continue about my day.”

Finding Success in Releasing Your Stress is Just a Click Away...
You can  experience the calm you need and the life you desire!