You Aren't Selfish for Taking Time for Yourself: 3 Powerful Reasons Why

It is common for us, as women, to feel selfish when taking time for ourselves, but the honest truth is that we NEED to.

In this guide, I'll walk you through the reasons why taking care of yourself is crucial for you and the life you want to live!

"Words don't begin to describe how grateful I am to have came across Lindsey! She has truly been the best thing I've done for myself in a very long time. I came to Lindsey knowing why I have the triggers/reactions that I do, but not knowing how to go about changing those toxic habits. I came to her feeling like I was blindly walking through a dense fog. I'm not saying my mentality is crystal clear, but I can finally see my path now and I am so thankful for Lindsey helping me access those tools I was never taught before!" - Heather 
Hi, I'm Lindsey!

A woman, wife and mom. I specialize in empowering caregivers of all types learn that they aren't selfish for getting their needs met. And yes, that means taking time for yourself! 

You heart is one of your biggest gifts. Those in your life who are blessed by your support, love, and care are beyond lucky. You pour out your heart in service. 

Yet, sometimes your cup or your energy dries out. It can be hard to fill it back up. And sometimes, as a result, you end up tired, crabby and resentful. 

You don't want to be this version of yourself. But you don't know how because you have believed or have been taught that if you take time for yourself then you are selfish. 

I hope this resource helps you see that in fact you aren't selfish. I'll show you 3 reasons why you aren't. 

- Lindsey 

What actual clients have to say about
working with Lindsey:


"I have methods to deal with my symptoms and I am able to control my emotions in a more positive way than self-harm or lashing out at my loved ones."  


"I went from 5% high intense conflict with my boyfriend to 1%! That 5% made me doubt if I wanted to stay in my relationship. Now I know I want to move towards deeper commitment with my boyfriend. When we face conflict now, I am confident that I know how to handle my fears and emotions so I’m not reactive."

“I’m learning that I don’t need to be everyone’s caregiver. I can step away from situations and ask people if they need help. If they do, then they will ask. If they don’t, then I’m okay to continue about my day.”

Finding Success in Taking Time for Yourself is Just a Click Away...
You can take care of yourself without feeling guilty!