You KNOW a higher energy level is exactly what you need in order to...

>> accomplish your to-do list -- so it can stop staring you in the face

>> do the desired items on your bucket list -- because it's been the list you've wanted to do for so long, and you are sick of excuses being the reason you aren't doing them

>> be present with your loved ones, such that you can engage in activities rather than sitting back and watching everyone have fun

>> think about what you even want in your life -- you know it's possible to be happy and content in life, but you aren't even sure who you are anymore

The only problem: You have no idea where to start!

 The Fill Your Cup Workshop
(instant access)

Once your energetic and emotional cup is empty, you have nothing left to give yourself and others. This supportive and informative 1-hour workshop is designed to help you fill your cup and enjoy your life!   

During the workshop, you’ll work through the following 4 steps  to discover that filling your cup is actually quite simple and attainable for you:   

Step 1:
Dismantle Your Misconceptions About Taking Care of Yourself

Step 2:
Learn & Ask Yourself the Magical Question

Step 3:
Discover Simple & Effective Ways to Meet Your Needs

Step 4:
Create a Plan to Fill Your Cup on a Daily Basis

Why is this crucial for you?

You are too precious to live in survival mode. You have people in your life who desire to have a relationship with you. 
You can discover your true potential. Your dreams are also possible!

You'll Get Access To:

  • A Recorded Training 
  • Actual Women Sharing Their Experiences and Plans to Fill Their Cup
  • & Steps to Help You Do the Same

And Then What?

After all is said and done, you’ll have the confidence, clarity, and a step-by-step plan that’ll help you leave exhaustion in the dust…  

So you can move forward with energy & live the life you desire.

A note from Lindsey, your workshop instructor…

Hey friend! You should know — the strategies I’m teaching in this 1-hour workshop are the same ones I teach my private coaching clients.  

I figured them out the hard way through YEARS of trial and error, but you can skip that painful learning curve and jump straight to success.  

This is hands down the most valuable 1-hour long experience I’ve ever created.  

The kind of enjoyment that comes with a cup that is full (and even overflowing) is — honestly — life changing. I see it every day. And I knew I wanted to create something super accessible for ALL women desiring a renewed sense of self to have the direction, accountability, and support system to get started with a ton of clarity and confidence.  

So I hope you’ll join me, do the work, and surprise yourself with how much you can accomplish and how much momentum you can create in just 1 hour!  See you in the workshop!  

ALL my best,  


This workshop is approximately 60 minutes (1 hour), including a Q&A session.  

No. The Live event already happened. This is the recording of it. However, it is set up in a way to invite your participation and involvement. 

Join the Workshop:

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