My Home is My Safe Place

Where can you go to rest, unwind, and truly inhale & exhale?

My home is my safe place

It’s the place I go to unwind

I can truly rest here. 

I also feel like I can truly inhale and exhale to the full extent here.

I don’t need to pretend to be anyone. 

I can simply be myself. 

Whatever feelings come up, I can feel them. 

If I want to get dressed up, I can. 

But I can also just lounge in my comfy clothes with my hair up if I want to. 

When I feel overwhelmed, I often want to go back to my home. 

I long for the comforts of my own bed, my mug to drink from, and my favorite blanket to snuggle in. 

I want my safe, comforting, and relaxing place. 

That desire is actually an inherent need of all of us. 

When we are overwhelmed, stressed out, crabby, and exhausted, we need to feel safe. 

This safety allows us to experience calm. 

Which allows us to get out of survival mode. 

But without going to our safe place, we stay stuck. 

Stuck in survival mode.

Do you have a safe place?

For some clients of mine it simply is a bedroom closet. They love the dark and love feeling surrounded by their clothes. 

Others love their backyard. They can sit outside and listen to the birds and notice the grass. Some love the warmth of the sun on their bodies. 

Sometimes a current environment feels stressful, so that is when I recommend thinking about your favorite place. What is it about this place that you love? When you notice a smile on your face, take note of what you thought about. 

When you feel overwhelmed, I encourage you to go to this safe place or imagine your favorite place. 

Give yourself time to go there. 

Remind yourself of what you love about that place. 

And engage with those aspects. 

Because when you do, you experience comfort, safety, and calm. 

And you get out of survival mode! 

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