1-on-1 Coaching

For women who want customized support to overcome fears and insecurity, build confidence, and achieve their goals.

We will meet weekly for an one hour private 1-on-1 session. This time is tailored to you! These sessions are designed to process your specific challenges and questions, create unique strategies that work for you, and provide you with the support and accountability you need to transform!  

Additionally, if you have a question in between session, you can connect with me via email or text.  

Typically, I meet with clients for a span of 6 to 8 sessions. (Yes, the desired transformation occurs in this short amount of time!). If needed, additional sessions can be scheduled.  

Due to a specialized approach and short nature of the work,  
sessions range from $150 to $250 an hour. 

Imagine feeling confident in yourself that you can tackle whatever comes your way!

What if you could manage your stress so that you didn't snap and could calmly respond to your loved ones?

What if you could feel supported and understood such that you could express your feeling of overwhelm and others offered to help you without you even having to ask?

Imagine feeling energized at the end of the day while completing the tasks on your to-do list, helping others that you love, and taking time for yourself!  

What if you had a clear outline of tools and strategies to help you overcome fear, insecurity, and burnout?

Imagine being the best version of yourself  that you have always wanted to be.

What's Included:

  • Private 1-on-1 Empowerment Coaching (6 weekly 1 hour sessions)
  • Individualized Goals to Address Your Specific Challenges & Desires for Your Life
  • Customized and Achievable Action Steps that Align with Your Learning Style and Way of Life
  • Private Messaging to Ask Questions and Gain Support Along the Way

I’ll help you understand your needs and ways to meet them with ease! You will have a laid out plan to follow so you won't be stuck feeling overwhelmed and unsupported. I'm here to guide you in the process from start to finish!

Get to Know Me

Hey I’m Lindsey! I’m a women's empowerment coach with 6+ years of experience in the counseling and coaching industry.  

Most days you can find me either in my backyard playing with my kids or snuggled up on the couch with a warm mug and blanket!  

My husband and I are total opposites (which means I learn something new about him every day!) and we have two beautiful kids.  

My absolute favorite dessert to make is apple crisp. Each Fall I love picking apples at local orchards or along walking paths and making my favorite homemade recipe (which I make up every single year - because I'm not one to follow recipes).

It’s my mission to empower women to live life from abundance, to believe in themselves, to connect deeply to loved ones, and to go to bed each night thankful for the day they just experienced.  

Sound like someone you want to work with?

This is For You If...

You’re a woman who is great at giving to others, but doesn't do the best job at taking care of herself.    

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with analysis paralysis and you want an expert’s guidance to overcome anxiety and insecurity.    

You want to be supported and understood by others but, you struggle to define your needs and desires for yourself and have no clue how to articulate that to others.    

You’re dying to feel like yourself again but, you need guidance to discover who that even is.    

You want to live your life without anxiety and exhaustion so you can be present and make happy memories with your family and friends.

Sweet Words

Lindsey is a delight to work with! She did an amazing job of helping me better understand myself and how my brain works. It’s been really amazing seeing how much better I am at handling my emotions and conflict after working with her. And the best part is I have been able to use what she has taught me to help my friends when they are having a hard time!! I can’t speak highly enough of her! 

Ashlyn, North Carolina