It's 2pm. You wish it was the end of the day so you could go to bed.
But, it's only the middle of the day and there is still lots to get done.

You stare at the wall and try to remember:
"What does it even feel like to have energy in the day & not feel overwhelmed?"

You've tried every breathing technique, listened to podcasts on motivation, drank your third cup of coffee, and even signed up for a gym membership -- but nothing seems to work for YOU.

The truth? One-size-fits-all energy and calming solutions are appealing... but they're only setting you up for disappointment.

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

I am an empowerment coach for women who feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

For the past 6 years, I've dedicated my life to understanding the art and science of our needs and how to meet them. Along the way, I've developed an approach that simplifies the process and helps you not only get out of survival mode but, that also help you stay out. It also takes away the fear that you are being selfish for taking time for yourself. All of this results in you feeling calm, connected to others, and confident in yourself! 

Introducing... The Create Your Calm Mini Course!

A complete, step-by-step guide that:

  • targets your need for safety
  • teaches you proven calming strategies
  • supports you in creating a customized plan that works for you
so that you can experience calm and get back your energy in just 5 days!
Day 1

We'll begin by understanding your need for safety and how that can help you get out of survival mode.

Day 2

We'll talk about the use of calming strategies. You'll identify your known calming strategy (if you have one) and you'll learn stomach breathing and grounding exercises.

Day 3

We'll discuss how stress can be stored in your body. You'll learn how to release it and hear from a physical therapist on how to listen to your body!

Day 4

We'll consider the hormonal differences between women and men as it relates to stress management. You'll hear from a hormonal specialist who will share her tips!

Day 5

It will be time for you to implement your plan! We'll review the teachings from the week as well as hear from a personal trainer on her insider tips to exercise!

From weekly counseling sessions to medical assessments to long-term medication, you could easily spend $5,000+ troubleshooting your way to experiencing calm. But, when I decided to package my expertise into a program that anyone could follow, at their own pace, I wanted to make it as accessible as I could.

That's why you get instant access to Create Your Calm Mini Course for just one payment of $37!

One Payment of


You've been disappointed before, so you're right to be a bit skeptical! That's why I want you to experience the benefits of this mini-course --- without any of the worry!

So go ahead: Take it for a 5-day spin, see what you think, and if you're not delighted by the quality of calm your getting by then ... I'll buy it back from you, no questions asked!

It's 6pm. You aren't in need of a nap.
You're already done with all your tasks for today and you have energy left.

You smile as you finish making dinner, trying to remember:

How did you ever function without creating calm in your life!? Feels like a lifetime ago...