What's Your Intent Behind Taking a Nap?

There is a difference between doing something to achieve calm vs. doing something to avoid something else. 

Let’s explore taking a nap. 

Do you take a nap to provide the rest your body needs because you are tired?


Do you take a nap so you don’t have to do tasks, have difficult conversations, or acknowledge your feelings? 

I bring this up to simply build awareness.
I have so many clients coming to me seeking calm, a renewed sense of self, and wanting to overcome anxiety. 

They are frustrated because the things they are trying aren’t working. 

They have heard that rest is supposed to help. But why isn’t it helping?

Take an honest look at your reason for doing something. 

Ask yourself, "Why am I taking a nap right now?".

Is your goal calm or avoidance?

  • If you are avoiding something or someone, then you will find yourself getting even more stuck in survival mode. That’s because “flight” is a survival reaction and is defined as avoidance. 
  • If you are using a calming strategy that actually works for you, then you get out of survival mode. That’s because calm tells your body it no longer has to do whatever it can to protect you. You are safe and thus you can relax.

Let’s say you are struggling to answer that the goal of a nap is calm. 

You want it to be, but it isn’t. 

I recently spoke to a client about naps not working for her. She said “I wake up more tired and groggy from it. The thing that upset me didn’t go away. It was still there when I woke up!” It was clear that the nap didn’t work. 

So I was curious what would help my client instead. We found out going for a walk, eating something, taking a bath, and talking to a friend worked for her! 

It is important to do the calming strategy that works for you!

 Because if it doesn’t, you’ll find yourself more frustrated and likely huffing and puffing. Which means it didn’t get you out of survival mode, but deeper into it. 

Let’s say you are struggling to figure out what calming strategy will work for you. Ahh you are in luck!! 

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