Who is Part of Your Army?

Sometimes your exhaustion is so low that you need others to fight for you.

After experiencing setback after setback, I found myself wiped out. 

I no longer had any optimism. I felt emotionally depleted. Physically worn down. I couldn’t engage in what I wanted to because my thoughts kept going elsewhere. 

I knew I needed to keep going on, but I didn’t have anything left in me.

Do you ever find yourself at that point? 

Your tank is running on empty and honestly you are out of ideas, energy, and motivation.

What do you do in those moments?

Do you struggle with feeling alone? 

Do you curl up in bed and refuse to get out?

Do you continue about your day going through the motions but not really present?

Do you eat your feelings?

The words and advice I’m going to share now may likely get dismissed. 

It might because it’s not the first thing you’d think of doing. 

Honestly, it’s something often you may want to avoid. 

This very act is often viewed as weak. 

But I’m going to challenge you to take a minute. 

Breathe. (let healing air fill your lungs and then flush out all the unwanted carbon dioxide)

Tell yourself “I have options, I just need to choose the right one. This hole I am in, I so want to get out of, so okay... please tell me what it is.” 

So here are my words of advice: Find your army of women!

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the women in your life who can listen and support you. 
  2. Give them a call or send them a text. 
  3. Ask them for help. 
    1. You can say, “I feel overwhelmed right now, and I need some help.”

What can that help look like?

  • Listening while you vent
  • Going out for coffee or lunch
  • Getting out of the house
  • Doing something fun to distract yourself
  • A hug 
  • Being reminded about your strengths, true character, and why they love you (they can assure you that you are loved, worthy, and supported)
  • New and different ideas (only if you are open to them and after you received emotional support first)

Again you may totally dismiss this advice. 

I get it. I avoid asking for help. I don’t want to be seen as weak. 

But when I did reach out to my friends, you know what happened?

I got to say things that I needed to say. 

I swore like a sailor.

I cried hard.

And all the pain and suffering seemed to actually begin leaving my body. 

The load on my shoulders felt lighter. 

I felt like I could breathe again. 

It was beyond helpful. It was therapeutic! It was healing me! 

I’ll challenge you with this question: if your friend was in a similar situation, what would you hope she’d do? What would you want to do?

Be the woman our world needs. We need to fight for one another. Fight the good fight. One where the goals are healing, restoration, and freedom from fear, hurt, and abandonment. 

But this won’t ever happen, if we ourselves don’t take a step of vulnerability. To admit we need help and to seek it out. Because when we do it, those friends know that they can turn to you as well in their time of need. 

And if you need some professional help. I am here for that. So simply send me an email at [email protected] and say “Lindsey, I need some help” OR schedule a FREE 30 minute session with me. I’m here if you need it. 

Be well! 

- Lindsey